The best avant-garde face-to-face and online education

How will back to school be?

The entire academic and administrative team of the Instituto Real de San Luis continues to work to fulfill our educational commitment to our students and their families


Hours from 8 am a 2 pm


Time screens as recommended


Personalized coaching


Ipads support for classes


No homework

How have we been transformed?


80 teachers

Interacting Online with students


+1,800 Hours

Live Online Classes


95 workshops



+1,000 preceptories

through video calls



of evening activities


+1,600 calls

follow-up to parents


+1,055 Hours

sport and fitness

How do students live the experience
del Real from Home?

Our students received a personalized kit
"Learning by doing"  with materials for their subjects of Art, Laboratory, Makerspace, and Electronics.

Find out what our community thinks

"We have the facility to learn an instrument, art, or sports in the afternoons"

-Héctor, HighSchool Student

"We were able to meet all the academic and extracurricular goals in order to continue developing skills"

-Óscar Rivas, Professor

"The educational model has continued with the same quality, thanks to the personalized treatment, constant working hours, and much interaction"

-Diana, Mother of the family

Learn about the adjustments that we have made to the facilities according to international recommendations for healthy distance

New reality

The Colegios del Real continue working day by day to bring the best online education to their homes. When we return, we can receive 100% of our students with all the measures that the new REALITY demands.

Live master conferences for parents

Stress-Free Living (Parent conference)

Grow up confined (live) Arch. Bosco Gutiérrez

(live) Dr. José Villela. Mental health Today. In The Middle Of The Pandemic

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